Our Services

Tor Relays

We operate high bandwidth Tor relays. Our relays are part of the Tor network and the list of our relays is distributed to Tor clients together with all other relays of the network. There is no Tor client configuration change required to use our relays.

You can make use of our relays by using Tor Browser which can help with protecting your privacy online.

DNS Privacy Services

We are planing to run DNS privacy services in the future. More details and the availability of this experimental service will be announced on our blog and via Twitter/Mastodon.

Network Traffic Statistics

On this page you can get information on how much network traffic we handle every month across our services and servers.

Service Availability

The availability of our services is continuously monitored (5 minute interval) from an external service. We get automated email notifications should one of our service become unavailable. Our services are offered as best-effort and free of charge - we can not guarantee any availability.

The collected availability data is publicly available on the following webpage: